5 Types Of Psychic Abilities

A psychic is a person that uses ESP (extra sensory perception) to gain knowledge that would be hidden otherwise. Today we have a short overview on the different kinds of psychic abilities.


A medium is someone who relays messages from spirits to the living. A medium works, somewhat, like a telephone line connecting one to the spirit world.


A clairvoyant is someone who can see things with their mind’s eye. The visions a clairvoyant sees aren’t typically literal, but more symbolic. They can not actually see the future, but rather the present and the past that has an effect on the present.


Someone who is clairsentient will typically pick up on the energy of an object, place, or person. Clairsentience is a psychic feeling that can manifest as a gut feeling. People who are clairsentient are often empaths as well. An empath is someone who can feel the feelings of others who are nearby.


People who are claircognizant typically just know things without being told. They receive psychic information in the form of thought. They tend to be logical, and have an answer for everything.


Clairaudience is the ability to receive information through psychic hearing. Someone who is clairaudient can hear things that others can not. Have you ever ask someone what they just said only to be met with an “I didn’t say anything”? You might be clairaudient.

Stick around for more information about developing your own psychic abilities!

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