23 Ways To Use A Three Card Spread

3 Card Spread 1

A three card spread is one of the most versatile spreads out there. This spread can give you a quick, concise look at a multitude of different situations. From love to career and everything in-between, this spread will become a great asset to your tarot arsenal.

  1. Past, Present, Future
  2. You, Them, The two of you
  3. Mind, Body, Spirit
  4. Situation, Obstacle, Advice
  5. Situation, Action, Outcome
  6. What you want, What they want, Where you are going
  7. Strengths, Weaknesses, Advice
  8. Option 1, Option 2, Option 3
  9. Option 1, Option 2, How to choose
  10. You, Your path, Your potential
  11. Stop, Start, Continue
  12. What you think, What you feel, What you do
  13. What you can change, What you can’t, What you need to be aware of
  14. Head, Heart, Soul
  15. Situation, Pros, Cons
  16. Pros, Cons, Other Considerations
  17. Where you are, Where you want to be, How you can get there
  18. Inhale (What you need to take in), Hold (What you need to hold on to), Exhale (What you need to let go of)
  19. Winter, Spring, Summer
  20. The challenge, What you should think about, What you should do
  21. What worked, What didn’t, What you learned
  22. What pulls you apart, What draws you together, What you can do about it
  23. Idea, Process, Aspiration

My favorite spread is the Stop, Start, Continue. Tell me yours in the comments below!

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