Pendulum Dowsing Made Easy

As far as divination goes, Pendulums are pretty easy. Most divination tools leave things open ended and open for interpretation, however, a pendulum answers yes or no questions definitively.

You don’t need anything fancy to do a pendulum reading, but there are nice, specialty-made pendulums out there that you can purchase. If you don’t want to splurge, you can make one pretty easily. Tie a string to a stone (or another smallish object like a ring) or use a necklace with a pendant. At the moment, I use a necklace with a white quartz point pendant. This works really well for me.

Before you begin, you want to cleanse your pendulum. There are many ways to do this, but you want to be mindful of the materials that you use. Some stones are water soluble and some stones bleach in the sun. Personally, I like to light some incense and dangle my pendulum through the smoke while visualizing the negative energies leaving the object.

Now that your pendulum is cleansed, you want to determine what its answers are. You want to ask it out loud “show me yes.” Make a note of the direction it swings. Now ask it to show you no, maybe, maybe not, and so forth. Once you have determined what it’s answers are, you can start asking closed ended questions.

Sometimes pendulum readings aren’t clear. In these instances, you will want to troubleshoot. If your pendulum starts swinging, but doesn’t really move from the center, you may need to reword your question to make sure it is clear. If your answers are opposite from the outcome, you may need to ask it to show you yes again. Sometimes pendulums can change. If your pendulum isn’t responding at all, it may be time to cleanse it again. If it still isn’t working, you may want to keep it with you so that it’s vibrations can get used to your vibrations. I wear mine as a necklace often, so it has a relationship with me.

Sometimes it is helpful to make a chart when you are just beginning. Just take a piece of paper and write the directions of the answers on it with a circle in the middle to show you where to hold your pendulum. Once you are familiar with the basics of pendulum dowsing, you can use it to answer other kinds of questions. We will be talking about those other kinds of pendulum dowsing more in the future.

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